Pet Friendly Patio

Your furry little friends also deserve fresh air and some fun under the sun.  Here are our top 5 tips on how to make a pet friendly patio:

cat barrier small patio
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Create Barriers

Especially for cats and smaller dogs, safety is essential if your patio is on the second floor or on the first floor, next to a busy street. Use fine wire or plastic fencing if you have wide open railings. Double and triple check that there is no opportunity for your pets to take themselves out for a walk. 

shade for pets
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Consider the Weather

Provide shade with an umbrella or a pet canopy for warm summer days. Always have fresh drinking water available outside, maybe throw in a couple of ice cubes on a hot day. 

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Sensory Entertainment 

The outdoors is a great opportunity to stimulate your pet’s senses. A bird feeder is a simple source of entertainment for your dog or cat. Hang it from a safe and secure distance where they can’t reach. 
Build shelving and create lounge areas in the sun and in the shade to provide extra comfort for your cat. 
Incorporate a kiddie pool or sandbox for your dog to prevent them from ruining any tempting landscape.
non toxic plants for pets
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Safe Non Toxic Plants

Before including plants into your patio, it is very important to make sure that they are NOT on the list of poisonous plants for pets. Even if you think your cat or dog can’t get to them, it is better to not include them at all. 
pet friendly outdoor furniture
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Pet Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Pet friendly furniture is your best choice if you want to successfully share the patio with your pets. Choose scratch resistant materials, like wood, metal, or resin, and waterproof upholstery, where you can remove and wash the casings.