How to Add Color to Your Room

Adding color to your home, without making it look messy or overwhelming, can be tricky. It’s a walk in the park if you just follow the simple 60-30-10 color rule. We broke it down to 5 easy tips on how to use the 60-30-10 rule when incorporating color into your home. 

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60 Percent

60 percent is the main color of the room, which often covers the walls, area rug, and sofa. Usually, it’s a neutral color, like grey, white, or beige, that anchors the room, but allows for creativity. 

black accent wall
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30 Percent

30 percent is the second color in charge. It’s the right hand that compliments the main color. You would use the color on chairs, side tables, drapery, or even an accent wall. 

10 Percent Color Rule
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10 Percent

10 percent is your fun and bold accent color. It should pop out from the main and secondary color. The color should be on decorative pieces, like accent pillows, throw blankets, stylish lamps, vases, artwork, etc. 

Monochromatic Color Rule
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If you’re into a more clean and mellow design, follow the 60-30-10 rule using the same color, but in various shades.

60-30-10-10 color rule
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60-30-10-10 Color Rule

Sometimes, one bold and beautiful accent color isn’t enough. This rule allows you to add TWO pops of color. Choose your main color, 60 percent, your secondary color, 30 percent, and not one, but two POPS of color.