Turn Your Tiny Patio into a Charming Oasis

When it comes to outdoor space, sometimes size does not matter. A cozy atmosphere and smart design makes a HUGE difference! We’ve listed the 5 brilliant ways on how to make your small patio a charming oasis. 

small garden small patio
image source: zen.yandex.ru

Tiny Garden

It could be a cluster of small succulents, a mini herb garden, or a vertical garden, but a tiny garden helps you see passed the size of your patio. It’s visually pleasing and relaxing to tend to your small garden. 

storage furniture small deck
image source: rockmystyle.co.uk

Multi-functional Outdoor Furniture

A storage bench or storage coffee table is a great place to store all your accessories, like toss pillows, blankets, candles, etc. Keep all the small things in storage to eliminate the clutter and maximize your precious small space. 

outdoor curtain small balcony
image source: mojewlasne.pl

Decorative Screen or Outdoor Curtain

Embrace the size and create a cozy outdoor patio with a decorative screen or outdoor curtains. This also adds privacy and a beautiful backdrop. 

foldable outdoor furniture
image source: evgezmesi.com

Foldable Furniture

Foldable umbrella and chairs, that can easily store, is a smart solution when you have minimum space. 

outdoor rug small patio
image source: hunker.com

Outdoor Rug

No matter the size of the space, a thoughtfully styled outdoor patio makes a huge difference. An outdoor rug is the easiest way to add design without taking up space.