Make the Most Out of Your Small Entryway

If you believe that the only way you can have a beautiful and functional entryway, a place to throw your keys, hang your bag, kick off your shoes, is if you just had a bigger space for it, then think again! Don’t let your tiny space stop you. Here are our top 5 design tips on how to create a grand entryway with your small space. 

mirror small entryway
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When crafting an entryway out of space that barely has the extra square footage, hanging a mirror on the wall is a good place to start. A mirror helps separate the entryway with the rest of the house. A mirror can also make the space look bigger, especially if your front door opens up into a narrow hallway. 

wall hooks small entryway
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Wall Hooks

Hooks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. They incorporate both design and functionality. You can also hang small baskets on the hooks to throw in your keys and wallet. 

floating shelves small entryway
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Floating Wall Shelves

A floating wall shelf is a brilliant accessory to define your small space entryway because it doesn’t take up too much wall or floor space. Add a stylish bowl on top of it to hold your little things like keys, mail, and a wallet. A small vase of flowers will add a charming touch.

bench small entryway
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In a minimal space, a bench is a great anchor for the entryway because you can store things above it and underneath it without taking up extra room. Store baskets underneath the bench to keep your shoes and bags. Place hooks above the bench to hang coats, hats, dog leash, etc. 

shoe rack small entryway
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Shoe Rack

If you’re more about functionality than style, then all you need is a shoe rack and some hooks to make a simple, yet functional entryway.