Smart Design Tips for Small Bathrooms

Don’t give up on your small bathroom. Design does NOT stop there! Embrace the size and go bold with your ideas. Here are a few design and storage tips to get you started:  

wallpapered small bathroom
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Don't Miss a Beat

The more compact the space is, the more design forward it should be. Pay attention to every detail, from light fixtures, to color palette, mirror, and hardware, because everything is in close quarters. 

wall shelves small bathroom
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Utilize Wall Space

If you don’t have enough storage, try a series of small open shelves on a bare wall. Use baskets and containers to organize the small things. Usually, the wall behind the toilet is bare, so go as high as you can and use a step ladder for easy access. 

plants bathroom
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Plants and Flowers

Plants or a small vase of flowers makes a big impact in any small space. They bring in color, shapes, and life. Plants that requires low light and humidity are perfect for the bathroom. 

wallpapered bathroom
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Go Bold

Don’t be afraid to ever go bold! Sometimes there is no way of hiding the small space, so embrace its’ size. Create a huge impact by using colorful and patterned wallpaper or a moody color palette.

Tray on Toilet Small Series
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Create Your Own Counter Space

Place a decorative tray and/or basket on top of the toilet to create extra counter space. Now you can store your display-worthy toiletries, candles, or flowers on your new counter space.