Small Space? Avoid These Decorating Mistakes

Decorating a small room is tricky. Don’t believe that white walls and small furniture are the only ways to style and furnish a tiny space. Now, it’s time to tackle a few of the small space decorating mistakes and tell you the truth about smart design.

bold wall color small living room

Mistake #1: White Walls

Don’t limit yourself to white walls or lighter paint colors. Bold, dramatic paint colors can also make a space appear larger. The key is to have a monochromatic color scheme throughout your house. You can even blur the lines of the room by continuing your bold wall color onto the ceiling.  

sectional small room
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Mistake #2: Small Furniture

Don’t rely on just small furniture. Often, several little pieces in a small space, like a sofa and two accent chairs, can make a room look cluttered. Larger furniture, like a sectional, creates a visual impact and gives the small space more character.  

woven Blinds Small Living room
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Mistake #3: Heavy Window Drapes

Small spaces need as much natural light as possible. Heavy window drapes congests the room and blocks all the beautiful sunlight. If you’re looking for privacy, opt for light airy curtains or woven blinds. 

large rug
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Mistake #4: Small Rugs

A large rug with a bold pattern can actually make a room appear bigger. It draws the eye wider. Versus smaller rugs, that break up the floor, making the space look crowded and accentuating the lack of square footage. 

Small Office with Wall Shelves and Lights
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Mistake #5: Crowding the Surfaces

Surfaces get crowded overtime and makes the space look even smaller. Don’t clutter tables with lamps, frames, and knicknacks. Consider wall light fixtures or hanging lights, create a gallery wall of picture frames, and display a couple of knickknacks on floating wall shelves.