Creative Ways to Reuse Old Furniture Parts

When repurposing your old furniture, sometimes all you need are just the parts to make something completely new. We gathered a few of the many creative DIY reused furniture ideas. Maybe next time you will think twice before throwing out those dresser drawers. 

reused dresser wall shelf
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reused drawers plantern

Drawers Reused into Planters

Are you thinking of disposing an old dresser? At least, keep the drawers! They’re versatile and a new pop of color goes a long way. 



suitcase coffee table

Suitcase Reused into a Coffee Table

All you need for this DIY repurpose project are 4 legs, gorilla glue, and a vintage suitcase!



reused drawers cat tower

Drawers Reused into a Cat Tower

Don’t forget about your furry friends! Keep those old drawers to make a cat tower. 



reuse headboard garden bench

Bed Frame Reused into a Garden Bench

Getting rid of an entire bed can be a hassle. Eliminate the stress by reusing the bed frame to make a charming garden bench. 





reused drawers bookcase

Drawers Reused into a Bookcase

Old dresser drawers can be reused and repurposed intp so many different things, like a bookcase! Use various colors and manipulate the shape to make an original piece.