Design Tips: Dual Purpose Rooms

Since many of us are spending most of our time at home, we are looking to every nook and cranny to make the most out of our space. Some have had to make their living, bedroom, or even dining room into a work station.  Here are a few clever design tips on how to create dual purpose rooms without having to sacrifice style or space. 


Design Tips: Dual Purpose Rooms

Dress Up Your Office Space

If you’re working from home and your work space needs to also be in the bedroom or living room, it doesn’t need to look like an ordinary office. Dress it up to match the rest of the room. Put a vase of flowers on your desk, hang art or pictures around the work area, or get a more unique, not so ordinary desk. This way, when you’re not working, it just looks like another cozy reading nook or vanity, and not a cold work station.

floating shelf and desk

Multipurpose Shelf

A floating wall shelf not only frees up floor space, but it can double as a vanity or a desk. Just add a stylish accent chair to finish the look. This multipurpose shelf can hang almost anywhere, the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. 

Design Tips: Dual Purpose Rooms

Office and Guest Room

If you add a Sleeper or futon into your office, your office can also double as the guest room. Don’t forget to put away the Sleeper or futon into a sofa during the day so it doesn’t take up too much space. 



Design Tips: Dual Purpose Rooms

Laundry Room, Craft Room, & Gift Wrapping Station

You don’t need a large laundry space to also have a gift wrapping station or craft room. All you need is an extra long and narrow shelf  for your “working” desk and a few cabinets or containers for storage. Make the most out of your laundry room because it’s not like you’re going to be sleeping in there! Who needs space, when you have crafts?

Design Tips: Dual Purpose Rooms

Transform the Guestroom Closet into an Office

Transform the guestroom closet into your new office. Sacrifice the storage spot in the guestroom closet and turn it into your workspace. This goes for any closet that you’re not using. Take some time to declutter and organize, and you might find yourself a new office space. All you need is a few more shelves and a comfy chair. You can even paint the inside of the closet a different color so it can really pop.