5 Affordable Ways to Upgrade Your Home

We would all love to treat our home with an extravagant makeover, but often it’s not in the budget to splurge on expensive accessories and interior updates. But you’re in luck, we’ve listed the top 5 affordable things you can do to elevate the design in your home. 

Cabinet Handles

Cabinet Handles

The handles on your kitchen cabinets, or the handles on your bathroom cabinets, or even the handles on your dresser drawer, make a huge impact in a room! They are small, but you’ll be surprised what changing the handles on your cabinets or doors can do. Switching up the handles will not only elevate the look of your space, but it will upgrade the look and feel of your furniture. 

Lighting in Bedroom (1)


Fine tuning the lighting in a room is one of the best ways to elevate the design in your space. Using mirrors to manipulate how natural lighting bounces off the walls, using the color and shape of a lamp shade to impact the brightness of the light, and sticking to only one type of light bulb in a room that requires a few, there are many techniques you can do to influence the light in a room. Get to know your space and experiment with how light and shadow illuminates your room. 

Plants in Bathroom (2)


Flowers and beautifully potted houseplants can make any room look and feel rich, even the bathroom. Taking the time to put a vase of flowers or a potted plant in your space is the little detail that brings life and color into a room. 

Your Art

Original Artwork

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the next best artist to have a framed piece of art on your wall. All you need to do is think outside of the box, something different than the generic posters you see in the store. Make your art personal, like frame a postcard you bought on your recent travels, or frame a piece of fabric that you love, or enlarge a photograph you took with your phone. A piece of art that tells YOUR story is the best and most expensive type of art. 

Extravagant Rug

Large Rugs

Extravagant rooms always include a large and plush rug. It’s luxurious, yet cozy. A large rug also anchors the furniture and creates a cohesive flow in the space. Polyester rugs are affordable, easy to maintain, and can look as expensive as wool rugs.