Our Favorite Design Tips

Are you thinking about redesigning your space? Check out our top 5 favorite design tips. They are simple, but smart, and can make a huge impact in your home!

two pieces a year

Invest in Pieces

Whether it’s an art piece, like a sculpture or a painting, or a piece of furniture, like a custom sofa or dining room table, invest in at least two items a year and in ten years you will have 20 marvelous things in your home.

small but bold

Go Bold in Small Spaces

Embrace the small size and paint the walls with bright and bold colors or patterned wallpaper. Go for a charming light fixture, like a chandelier, and decorate with fancy mirrors. Use your small room to make a statement.

reupholstered antique

Upholster Antique Furniture with Modern Fabric

Antique furniture comes with it’s own charm, but let your personality shine through by re-upholstering it with fabric that better suits you. Patterned fabric or green velvet, the choice is yours!

large scale art

Large Scale Art

Displaying small groups of artwork or photographs are a big trend in decorating, but why not make a bigger impact by choosing one large painting or photograph to anchor a room. Large scale art brings together the overall look of the space. If you’re on a tight budget, try framing patterned wall paper or bright fabric.



A vase of flowers, a centerpiece of succulents, or house plants that improve the air quality of your home is a beautiful way to enhance any room. Adding nature into the space brings in life and colors.