Brighten Up Your Space

Now is the best time to brighten up your space! Sometimes, all we need is some fresh air and natural lighting to cheer us up. But let’s face it, natural lighting does not flood every room of your house. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can do to brighten up a dark and small space.

natural light

No Clutter

Sometimes all you need is some light cleaning and your space will feel lighter and look brighter.



Especially in a small space, mirrors reflect light and they make the space appear much bigger. If it’s possible, place a mirror parallel to a window to reflect the natural light shining through. Other places to hang a mirror are over mantles, over couches, over side tables, etc. They are like windows that open up a room. 

Light Area Rug

Light Colored Rugs

Dark flooring can sometimes make a room appear dark and heavy, especially if there aren’t enough windows to bring in the beautiful sunshine. A light and bright area rug can quickly solve this problem! 

clean windows

Clean Your Windows

The days are finally getting longer, so let’s soak in as much natural lighting as we can. Clean, not just the inside of your windows, but the outside of your windows as well. More light will brightly shine through when there is less dirt, dust, and streaks on your windows.

refresh w houseplants


Sometimes a couple of low-maintenance houseplants that require very minimal lighting is just the trick you need to brighten up your space. Houseplants, like the snake plant and the spider plant, can grow and survive with low and indirect sunlight.