Stay Home and Organize!

Have you been staring at the stack of mail on your desk, or that pile of clothes on your dresser, or what about that drawer filled with miscellaneous things that you’ve said you were going to organize since 2015? Now’s the time to tackle all those projects! Here a few tips to get you started:

Focus on a Room

Do not try to clean and organize your entire home in one day. Focus on one room at a time. Declutter, organize, then clean the space.

Purchase Storage Containers AFTER Decluttering

Buy storage containers to help you organize, like bins, boxes, and baskets but only AFTER you declutter the space. By doing this, you will see what type of containers you need, how many you need, and where to place them. Don’t forget to measure the space before you purchase your storage!

Organized Pantry

What is Your Goal?

Having a goal or two for each room will keep you from feeling overwhelmed. It can be to organize the pantry in the kitchen or donate shoes and clothes from your closet or shred old paperwork in your office. Goals will help you focus on what really needs to get done first. 

wall space1

Define Your Space

Appreciate your space for what it is and take advantage for what it offers. This is especially true for small spaces, embrace the small and use every inch of space wisely! 

White Capri Console for Storage

The Magic of Storage Consoles

Storage Consoles come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on their style, they can be placed in the living room, bedroom, dining room, or entry way. They help organize multimedia, display decor, and feature open and closed shelving.