Refresh Your Space

With social distancing being the new norm, it will take some time and adjustments to get used to staying home. A great way to start is to refresh the space you will spend the most time in. Here a few ideas to get you started: 

blank slate

Start with a Blank Slate

It’s all about editing. Remove all your accessories and place them in a corner. You can do this room by room. Then, carefully and thoughtfully,re-accessorize the room. Think about function, style, and stay away from clutter. Place items in different areas than before or even in different rooms!

Rearrange layout

Rearrange Furniture Layout

Experiment with different furniture configurations, even if it’s as little as moving one accent chair to the other side of the couch or rearranging picture frames. You’ll be surprised of the difference it makes. 

bookshelf into bench

Repaint, Refinish, or Repurpose

Sometimes all you need is a new coat of paint for your space to feel refreshed. It can be the same paint color or something completely different, new paint always makes a room look brand new.

Repaint a wall or refinish a piece of furniture or repurpose an old bookcase into a bar shelf or entryway bench with storage. This definitely gives you a new project for the new year! 

refresh with texture

Add Texture

Texture adds personality and style. Add texture through accessories like throw blankets, pillows, rugs, window treatment, etc. A knubby blanket or a faux fur rug can do wonders for your space.

refresh w houseplants


New houseplants are essential when breathing new life into a space. If you already have houseplants, switch out the pots with new ones.