Design Tips: Adult AND Kid Friendly Family Spaces

We don’t need to have one or the other, you can have both adult & kid friendly family rooms.

Storage in Famiy Room

Smart Storage Solutions

Storage is important, especially when you have kids. It’s not impossible to have a clean and organized living room when you have kids, you just need smart storage solutions so you can easily tuck away the mess. Storage benches, storage ottomans, coffee table with storage, etc. Storage that blends in with the rest of the motif will flow easier throughout the space. 
Bold Seating in Family Room

Bold & Cozy Sofa

Sectionals or chaise lounge sofas have comfy seating options for everyone in the family. Just because they’re cozy, doesn’t mean it needs to look big and bulky. Choose a style with clean lines and a bold and rich fabric. The color and texture of a fabric will enhance your design. 
Framed Kid Art

 A Touch of Playful Art

Large framed art pieces made by your kids or large-scale colorful artwork can make the space look more laid back, but also elevate your style into a more contemporary look. 
Floating Shelves in Family Room

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves add a modern touch and extra storage space. It’s a cool and unique way to display your collections. 
Mixed Accents in Family Room

Fun Accents

Mix and matching your accent pieces will create a relaxed environment that’s open to growing with the family rather than keeping it static.  Pairing unexpected items, like modern art work with a vintage family heirloom, brings character and a story to your family room.