Health Benefits of Owning a Recliner

Recliners add a next level of comfort in your home. From the living room, to the game room, to the nursery, or even to the bedroom, there are many places that can benefit from having a recliner. Owning a recliner not only encourages relaxation, but using a recliner also has a few health benefits. Here are the important health benefits to owning a recliner: 

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Improves Circulation

At the end of the day, relaxing on a recliner actually improves blood circulation. Swollen legs and feet are caused by poor body circulation, clogged veins are caused from standing or sitting for long periods of time. By elevating your legs and feet on a recliner, your body circulation is naturally redirected, helping blood flow.
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Back Pain Relief

You can take the pressure off your back muscles by laying on a recliner. Your back muscles are sore because they are constantly balancing your upper and lower body. On a recliner, you can recline and elevate your feet, which will take the pressure off your spine. Elevating your feet also sends blood to your back muscles and tendons.
Relaxing on a Recliner

Breathe Easier

Taking a nap on your recliner can help you breathe easier! Sleeping in an upright position on a recliner opens up your diaphragm, helping you breathe easier. It also decreases stomach acid reflux by gravity keeping the acid down.
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Encourages Relaxation

Owning a recliner encourages you to sit back, kick up your feet, and relax. By reclining, you are giving your body a chance to heal, recharging your nervous system and body circulation. 
Recliner in Nursery

Customized Comfort

There are a variety of positions that you can choose on a recliner. The ability to customize comfort to your specific needs is one of the best reasons to own a recliner. Let’s face it, sometimes a stationary accent chair isn’t enough.