Which Rug Material is Right for You?

Rugs come in all types of materials. Here at Rockridge Furniture & Design, we always get asked by our customers which material is the right choice for their home. You’re in luck! We listed the 5 most popular rug materials and their benefits. 

Silk Rug


For an elegant look and a sophisticated feel, silk rugs are your best choice. They bring on a stylish and dramatic design to any room. We suggest placing a silk rug in a low traffic area to avoid any spills or shoe tracks on the delicate material and because they require a professional clean only. 
Viscose Rug


You can buy a rug that looks and feels like silk, without putting a dent in your wallet. Viscose mimics silk’s sleek shine and lavish style, creating a luxurious space. To keep the quality of the viscose rug, you should also keep it in a low traffic area to preserve their shiny fibers and soft touch. 
Caesar Wool Room


Wool rugs are great if you have kids, pets, parties, or all of the above.
Well-made wool rugs have a natural ability to resist staining and soiling. The sheep’s natural oils repel water, dust, and dirt. Plus they are soft and cushy to the touch, so please barefoot only!
Polypropylene rug


For a more affordable alternative to a wool rug, a polypropylene rug is your next best choice. It’s durable and easy to clean. They can also be used outdoors!
Cotton Rug


In a casual, laid-back room, a cotton rug is a great piece because they are budget-friendly, reliable, and most are reversible. If you’re going for a natural and bohemian look, a cotton rug will work well in the space. Don’t forget to add a rug pad underneath to insure that it stays in its’ place.