How to Upgrade Your Entertainment Room

The entertainment room should be the place of ultimate comfort and functionality. Here are a few design tips on how to elevate your entertainment room:

TV Stand

Media Console

A shelving unit or media console will display all your media in an organized and design-forward fashion. 

Wall Art

Wall Art:

Every entertainment room needs wall art. It adds a pop of personality. From movie posters, to photos of your favorite sports and your favorite sport teams, they also bring color into your space. 
Bar Cart with Snacks

Snack Bar

What’s a movie or a binge-worthy TV show without some popcorn or candy? Have a snack bar close by and fill you bar with your favorite drinks and snacks. A simple bar cart will hold enough treats for a movie or two. 

Layer with pillows and blankets

Cozy Furniture and Accessories

Layer throw pillows and blankets on your sofa so you and your guests can cozy up during the show. A deep comfy sectional is a bonus luxury, after all this is not a formal living room. Also adding plenty of surface space to place your drinks, snacks, meals, laptop, etc. is essential for a flowing functional space. 



Add dimmer switches to all your lights. Dimmers create the perfect ambiance while watching a game or show. They’re also the great medium when hosting a viewing party.