Our Favorite Colors for 2019

The most celebrated colors for 2019 are focused on natural elements and positive, upbeat vibes and we are all for it! Here are our Top 5 favorite colors for 2019: 

fave 2019 colors
hunter green office

Lucious Green

Nature inspired green hues, look great on the wall, on furniture, and on accessories. They’re attractive, bold, and mysterious. The idea is to invite the healing properties of the great outdoors into your home. 

soft blue living room

Moody Blues 

Blues are the new grays. It can be light and soft or dark and mysterious. Blues nurture a calming and peaceful environment. 

terracotta living room


Terracotta is more than just a floor tile or plant pot color, its’ earthy tones are chic, sophisticated, and timeless. Rust, burnt orange, toasted cinnamon, and burgundy, just to name a few, can be found on walls and furniture. 

bright yellow kitchen

Bright Corals

Bright pinks, oranges, and yellows are settling into 2019. They energize and uplift the mood, and bring life and positivity into any space. 

neutral living room

Beiges & Whites

2019 has kicked off with a minimalist and clutter-free attitude. Minimalism and simplicity calls for all the various shades of beige and white. Also, wood-inspired shades are beautiful for the naturalist feel.