2019 Design Trends

What interior design trends will we be seeing a lot this year? We listed our top 5 favorite trends and we can’t get enough of them! 

2019 design trends
2019 matte black

Matte Black

It can be on furniture, walls, or kitchen finishes. Matte black is a bold sophisticated statement, moving from fashion into interior design.

2019 natura bedroom

Sustainable & Natural Materials

Sustainably grown wood, bamboo, or recycled materials are very important to style and design. We are surrounding ourselves with natural fabrics and materials so we can take a break from the high-tech, modern world and finally feel more in touch with our planet. 

Stylish houseplants 2019


 Designers are relying on houseplants, not just for good air quality, but for design. From the style of the pot, to the patterned shapes of the leaves, houseplants are no longer the extras because they are finally taking center stage. 

2019 bold patterned wallpaper

Bold Colors & Patterns

It’s definitely not about minimalism this year. We’re going big with colors, like accessorizing with rich jewel tones and going all in with patterned wallpaper. 

2019 art deco

Art Deco

2019 is about inspiration and glamour. From sleek curved furniture, to geometric detailing, and mixed metals, Art Deco is now everywhere. Who’s complaining? A little retro never hurt. 

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