Holiday Centerpieces



If they haven’t already, holiday festivities are fast approaching! You might have a couple of dinner parties already lined up, but do you know what type of centerpiece you want to display for your party? Here a few enchanting centerpiece ideas:

centerpiece ideas
faux snow

Blanket of Snow

Instead of a regular holiday themed runner, create your own with a blanket of faux snow. Sprinkle a thick line of faux snow in the center of your table and set the holiday scene. Display reindeers, mini Christmas trees, pine cones, etc, and you’ll have a winter wonderland scene right in the middle of your dinner table.

festive garland

Festive Garland

For a woodsy tone, a festive garland placed in the center of your table is a beautiful way to bring in the holiday cheer. Place it on top of a white table cloth so it can really pop or for a romantic touch set the garland on top of a deep red table cloth.


Vase of Ornaments

If you want a colorful and bright centerpiece, try stuffing holiday glass ornaments in clear glass vases. Add tea light candles in between the vases to help illuminate the festive centerpiece.


Candles, Candles, and More Candles

Line a variety of candles, pillar candles, taper candles, and votive candles, down the center of your dining table. You can also arrange a tray with layer of epsom salt on the bottom and candles on top for a winter touch. Place cranberries, pine cones, and sprigs of holly  around the candles for a splash of color.

flower arrangements

Elegant Flower Arrangement

You can never go wrong with elegant flower arrangements. Peonies, roses, carnations, and baby’s breath just to name a few. Cut them low so all your guests can see one another and conversations can flow easily. If you don’t have enough vases, try wrapping empty coffee cans with holiday wrapping paper and ribbons.