Design Tips: Live Large in a Small Space



Design Tips: Live Large in a Small Space Don't feel like you're stuck with boring design just because you live in a small space. The benefits of living in a small house or apartment is that you don't need knickknacks or many pieces to make a statement. Here are a few design tips on how to successfully design and not clutter your small space:

live large
big sofa

Big Statement Pieces 

Don’t shy away from big sofas or sectionals because of your limited square footage. Often several small pieces can make a room appear smaller and more cluttered. A beautiful comfy sofa brings on style and comfort. 

wall mounted shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves

Bookcases take up too much space. Try wall mounted shelves, they do the same exact thing as a bookcase, without taking up any floor space. Wall mounted shelves are also more versatile in design and can be mounted on top of other furniture, like a desk , sofa, or TV. 


Say No to Small Rugs

A small space does not mean a small rug. Too small of a rug visually disrupts the floor space, making your room appear smaller than it naturally is. A large rug anchors the furniture and creates a cohesive flow throughout the room.

wall art

Large Scale Wall Art  

Just like how a small rug breaks up the floor space, small artwork can do the same to the wall. Hanging small artwork on the wall can make a room feel more tiny and often groups of small pieces can look messy. Think about proportion and try one large art piece on the wall. It will make a huge impact in your small space. 

glass table top

Glass or Acrylic

Stay away from heavy and bulky furniture because they can weigh down a small room and also darken a small space. Consider a glass table top for your dining room table or an acrylic coffee table or chairs. At least one big piece with a glass surface, like a dining table, coffee table, or sofa table can help lighten up the room while showcasing your beautiful floor or statement rug.