Top 5 Paint Colors for a Small Room


Top 5 Paint Colors for a Small Room Not sure what to paint your small room? Embrace it's size and turn your small room into the star of the show! Here are the TOP 5 paint colors for small spaces:

small room
royal blue

Royal Blue

This bright, beautiful blue will make any room look royal! Dark colors, like Royal Blue, camouflages the actual size because it creates the perception of depth. 

pearl gray

Pearl Gray

Pearl Gray or Light Gray, are the go-to neutral colors, especially for a small space because the gray shades magically fluctuates with the times of day. In the dark, certain grays can appear almost black, but with sunshine it can also bring life. 



Sage has become the new neutral gray. This light mossy green brightens up the room during the day, creating a calming, relaxed environment both during the day and night. 

Pure White

Pure White

Pure White walls reflects lots of light, masking the walls, it makes a small space feel larger. If you use Pure White paint on your walls, don’t forget the ceiling too, so you can get the full light and airy experience. 



If you’re looking for something a little more subtle than Pure White, try Eggshell. It’s bright shade opens up a small room but it’s warm undertones create a more comfortable and inviting vibe.


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