Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture…and Our Cat?

Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture...and Our Cat?! Have No Fear!


We all want nice furniture, but does owning a cat or cats hold you back from investing on the pieces you really want? Here are a few tips on how to keep your fur babies from destroying your furniture:


Creating Distractions

We’re not hinting that you need to make your home look like a cat’s version of Disneyland, but purchasing cat towers and toys are a better alternative than your sofa. Place them in areas where your cat likes marking the most. Scratching posts, cat trees, carpeted shelving units, or hanging toys on door knobs or doorways, anything that will show your cat or cats that there are better things out there than your precious sofa or accent chairs.

Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture…and Our Cat?

Mark Your Territory

That’s right! If cats do it, you can do it too! Cats mark their territory by clawing, spraying or the classic side cheek swipe. You can mark your territory by rubbing your hands over areas they like to mark. But if your cats are attracted to your smell and don’t respect what’s clearly yours, then take a used shirt and place it on their cat tree or somewhere else that they can’t ruin. Your used shirt will create a distraction and hopefully they’ll forget about the comfy chair.


Fabric VS. Leather

Leather is easy to clean. Fur, urine, and vomit won’t absorb into leather, but those cat claws can easily puncture through and a scratch is visibly seen. 

If you’re not a big fan of leather, try a Microfiber fabric. They are the best type of fabric if you have pets. Microfiber fabrics are stain and spill-resistant because the tiny polyester and nylon threads are tightly bonded together creating a lightweight, dense, water-resistant material. They are also easy to clean with a lint, pet roller, and vacuum so if you have guests over that are allergic to cat dander, the fabric can be vacuumed away before people arrive.


Most importantly, love, patience, and catnip goes a long way for your cat buddy!


Now who’s ready to buy some furniture? 

Is There Still Hope for Our Furniture…and Our Cat?