What’s in Your Entryway?




What's in Your Entryway?

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Whether it’s a foyer with high ceilings or a small entryway leading into an apartment, there are few things your front entrance should always have. Some may even say that your entryway sets the tone of your home. Here are a few design tips on how to spruce up your entryway:


Entryway Storage

Storage is essential in every size entryway. If you don’t have a closet, you will need a coat rack or hooks to hang coats, scarves, hats, etc.

For shoes, make sure to have a shoe rack or basket that will define the space where shoes should go. If you don’t have a designated area for shoes, they tend to get knocked around and you end up having a disheveled pile of shoes in front of your door. 

An entryway table with drawers is a perfect place to drop your keys and mail. An ideal size table would be long and narrow so it doesn’t take up too much space. You can even include baskets underneath the table to throw your shoes in. 


Entryway Seating

Incorporating a small seating area is a charming touch and is great for when putting on shoes. It can be a bench, stool, or chair, whichever fits best in your space. You can also store baskets underneath the bench to store your shoes. 


Entryway Flooring

Even though the entrance is a high traffic area, placing a rug in the entryway is welcoming and helps define the space. Remember not to get a rug that’s too thick, so the door can open all the way and close over it. 

Table Lamp

Entryway Lighting

A Chandelier or overhead is always nice, but also have an option for low lighting, like a table lamp. With low lighting, you also avoid being overwhelmed with too much of a bright light. A table lamp or sconce creates a warm welcoming for your guests.

Accessories 1

Entryway Accessories: 

Always add a few personal touches to your entryway, like a vase of flowers, a decorative mirror, wall art, and picture frames. Let your personality shine at the entrance!


Need more entryway design tips? 

Bring photos and dimensions of your entryway to our showroom and talk to one of our designers!