Design Obstacles? We Have Solutions.








Are you redecorating your home, but have some obstacles in the way that won’t let you finish your project? Like sentimental knickknacks, big bare walls, or outdated light fixtures? Here are some simple solutions on how to get over these design humps:


Sentimental Knickknacks

Yes, we all have this and often it’s a struggle letting them go. Don’t look at your sentimental pieces as a burden to your new design style, but instead showcase them as conversation pieces. You’ll find that these items add uniqueness and charm to your new decor.


Matchy Sets

Is your old matchy-matchy living room set putting a hold on your creativity? You don’t necessarily need to say goodbye to the entire set so you can start over. Most likely each piece looks good individually. The easiest and fastest solution is to separate the pieces in various rooms. This way you’re creating a cohesive style throughout your entire home.

Plain Wall

Big Plain Walls

Sometimes a big empty wall can be a bit overwhelming. If there are windows, first add window treatments to anchor the space. Then hang one large painting or several medium size wall art at eye level. If you want a big bold statement, try removable wallpaper. Wallpaper is coming back and it’s here to stay!


Outdated Lighting

Let’s finally tackle those ugly ceiling lights. On a budget? Start in the spaces that you spend most of your time. Whether its an old ceiling fan or just a plain old light fixture, it’s time for an upgrade. Lighting enhances a room and upgrading your light fixtures will add to that “designers” touch. 


Messy Foyer

The entryway is the barrier between the outside world and your home so of course it’s also the dumping ground for all the things outside that are trying to make their way inside and vice versa. Like junk mail, coats, keys etc. Create a simple foyer with storage to catch all the things floating in between. If you have the space, add a small entryway table with drawers or baskets underneath to throw keys and mail in. Add a vase full of flowers, a mirror to open up the space and you’re foyer will look good as new.