Go Green Furniture Tips

Green furniture is specialty furniture made from eco-friendly materials, have low- toxic material levels, and are locally manufactured.

Are you searching for green furniture, but don’t know where to start?

Here a few things to know about green furniture:

Recycled Furniture

A piece of furniture built from other pieces of old furniture. Often it’s a variety of reclaimed or recycled wood, paper, metal, or plastics. Recycled materials require less processing and fewer resources.

Natural Furniture

Furniture made from renewable resources and built with machines that use eco-friendly, renewable resources. Most common materials used in natural furniture is wood, bamboo, and hemp.

Certified Sustainable Wood

Wood must be harvested in a way that it is not detrimental to the environment or wildlife. There are nonprofit organizations, like Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc. that are dedicated to promoting sustainable forest management. SFI Inc., “forest certification standard is based on principles that promote sustainable forest management, including measures to protect water quality, biodiversity, wildlife habitats, species at risk, and Forest with Exceptional Conservation Value.” Read More about SFI Inc..


Bamboo is a fast growing crop that is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It self-generates from its’ own roots and for most furniture companies, bamboo is the ideal building material.


Mostly used for textiles, hemp is naturally resistant to most pests, unlike cotton. It also thrives on less water compared to most crops. Hemp fibers are one of the most versatile natural fibers. 

Low-Toxic Furniture

Almost all furniture offgasses, which isn’t bad, but materials treated with synthetic substances offgas chemicals that are toxic. When you bring new furniture into your home, open all the windows and maybe even have an air purify in hand. You can also find furniture that has the Greenguard certification, which ensures furniture is low toxicity. When you purchase, you can also ask if it’s untreated or treated with natural substances, like natural wood finishes, or naturally tanned leather. Read more about Greenguard.

Say No to Flame Retardants

When buying furniture, always ask which are free of flame retardant chemicals.  Flame retardants and formaldehyde are typical volatile organic compounds, aka VOCs, offgassed by furniture and have been linked to birth defects and cancer. Luckily, we now have the “TB 117-2013” law, which ensures better fire safety without the need for flame retardant chemicals in the filling materials of furniture. Read More About TB 117-2013.