Get Your Home Ready for Springtime with RF&D’s Foolproof Checklist

Spring begins on March 20th! With only 4 weeks away, we created a foolproof weekly checklist on things you should inspect, clean and prep to get your home Spring ready! 


Week 1  (Feb 19th t0 Feb 25th) INSPECT 

1) Roofing shingles for weather damage.

2) Foundation vents for leaves and debris blocking the vents, preventing air circulation.

3) Smoke alarms and CO Detector for working batteries.

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Week 2 (Feb 26th to March 4th) CLEAN OUTSIDE 

1) Gutter.

2) Decks and patio furniture.

3) Driveway.

4) Windows & Doors.

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Week 3 (March 5th to March 11th) CLEAN INSIDE 

1) Sort through your closets for clothes, shoes, bags, etc. that you’d like to donate.

2) Vacuum & Mop entire house.

3) Clean out kitchen: Scrub stove and cabinets. Clean out fridge.

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Week 4 (March 12th to March 18th) PREP GARDEN

Prep your soil to help grow a lush garden. Healthy soil consists of weathered rock, organic matter, air, water and living organisms.