High End Living Room in a Low End Price

Do you have a sophisticated taste and admire minimal design, but are on a tight budget? Here a few design tips on how to design your living room with elegance on a budget.


Room Brightening Paint Colors: Use neutral, creamy paint colors that bounces natural light around. This opens up your space, creating a clean and fresh look.

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Cushions, Cushions, and Cushions: Minimal design still requires comfort. Choose a sofa or sectional with an extra cushiony seat, but make sure it has sleek arms and legs you can see. Sleek arms creates a modern silhouette, while the legs make it appear less bulky, visually adding a light appearance. If you don’t want to splurge on a new sofa, adding toss pillows of all shapes and sizes brings forth more comfort and enhances the style of your sofa.

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Natural Textures: Textures add more depth to a space. They can also bring personality to a room, especially if you’re a renter and are limited in design and renovating options. ┬áNatural fiber rugs and faux fur throw pillows are some ways to add a feminine elegance to the room. Wood tables with live edge table tops and house plants in ceramic pots creates a rustic environment, bringing the great outdoors in.

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Oversized Mirrors: Mirrors reflect light and add dimension to the room. An over-sized mirror will make your room feel larger. You might have to splurge on a giant sized mirror, but they are timeless pieces that can be used over and over again in any space or even handed down.

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Oversized Art: Giant art pieces makes a huge visual impact versus a collage of smaller ones. An oversized art print anchors down a room and you can even use the colors in the piece to inspire the rest of your living room. You don’t need a huge budget! Purchase fabric of any pattern or color of your choice and stretch them on a piece of canvas. You can also buy printed wall paper and frame them Don’t limit yourself to a square shape, because long rectangles can cover your bare wall space horizontally or vertically.

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