Area Rugs

Spring starts from the ground up!

Time to wake up from winter hibernation! Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming,  it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for more bright and sunny days. Changing little things, like introducing an area rug into the room can breathe life to once a dull space.

*The bigger the area rug the better. Does your living room have a mix of traditional and modern furniture? A larger area rug better anchors together multiple pieces in the space, making them appear to be a cohesive unit.


*Rugs act as a base, it’s the canvas for your room. An area rug serves multiple purposes. A bright vibrant color or geometric design on an area rug will serve as a focal point to any room. An area rug with a subtle design and a neutral color will act as an anchor for the room, creating a natural flow with a space that incorporates different styles of furniture pieces.

Here a few things to consider when deciding which Area Rug is right for your home:

*Size of the room.

*Color scheme of the furniture. Do you want your area rug to match, contrast, or blend with the color scheme of the furniture?

*Are you going for a more traditional or modern design?

*Do you have any fiber requirements? All natural vs. synthetic.

*What kind of space is the area rug going to live in? The living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.


Come and visit Rockridge Furniture & Design to view our large collection of rugs!

You can even borrow square sample rugs to take home before you make a purchase!