Man Cave Essentials

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Are you turning your basement into a Man Cave?

Here are 5 essentials to designing your Man Cave into a chic living space for the whole family.

Leather Furniture is key in creating the masculine, yet cozy environment for your man cave. The recliners shown above are Comfort Recliners from American Leather. These Elliot and Eva models are shown in Bison Ash.

American Leather Comfort Recliners are on sale now till June 27th. Check out more styles and options at Rockridge Furniture & Design!

Dim ceiling lights and wall lights are great for watching movies and sports. They also add great ambiance when hosting Netflix & Chill parties.
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Wall art adds personality and color to your man cave. Decorate with photographs of your favorite sports and sports teams. Framing black and white photos adds an elegant touch to your space.
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Everyone needs a Bar & Snack area for their Man Cave. Fill your bar with you favorite drinks, from soda to beer, and don’t forget the candy and popcorn! Don’t waste time running to the kitchen during half time, just head over to your bar area for a quick refill.
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There is no point of a Man Cave without the entertainment system. Large flat screen TVs, so you can watch your favorite football player run across the field, like he’s running through your house. You also need surround sound to experience the true spirit of the home game.
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Come visit us at Rockridge Furniture & Design to purchase your Man Cave essentials, from leather sectionals, recliners, and bars!


Tips For Purchasing Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor furniture season is finally here!

Here are a few tips to consider before purchasing pieces for your summer backyard bash.



Make a List:

What is the primary function for your outdoor space? Will you host dinner parties or cocktails? Is it more for a reading and relaxing space? Make a list of things you would like to do in the space so you can determine what type of furniture you need to purchase.


 Easy Care:

Most metal, teak, cedar, and resin wicker are unfazed by the forces of nature. Try to stay away from white cushions because we all know that birds eat berries, so eventually birds will…well you know how that story ends.




Add splashes of color to your mini oasis using outdoor pillows, rugs, and lighting. Don’t settle for boring white lights, add an extra twinkle with blue and green lights.




Even the toughest outdoor furniture need some love and care. Keep in mind that you should put these pieces in storage, like the garage or basement, once summer time is over. Some furniture even stack together for easy storage! You can also   invest in patio furniture covers to protect them during the harsh winter.

View Outdoor Collection>>

Come visit us at Rockridge Furniture & Design to purchase all your outdoor needs!

Trendy House Plants

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Top 5 Trendy Houseplants


Split Leaf Philodendron

Would you like to be reminded of the tropics while you’re indoors? Try the Philodendron, it only needs medium light and moderate watering.

image source: Pinterest: BENTHOMAS


Ficus Tree (Ficus Benjamina)

This classic tree brings life into any room. All you need is bright indirect light and moist soil, not dry or drenched.

image source: Pinterest


ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)

No windows in the room? Not a problem! The ZZ plant tolerates low light and needs water only when the soil is completely dried out.

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Snake Plant (Sansevieria Trifasciata Laurentii)

This plant is NASA approved! According to their research, the Snake Plant improves indoor air quality. It actually filters out formaldehyde, usually found in cleaning products, and absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen at night

image source: Pinterest: Mother Nature MNN


Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum)

The Peace Lily adds elegance to any bedroom. They do well in low lit rooms, but watch out for drooping leaves because they’re telling you they’re thirsty. Just make sure soil is dry between watering.

Area Rugs

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Spring starts from the ground up!

Time to wake up from winter hibernation! Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming,  it’s the perfect time to prepare your home for more bright and sunny days. Changing little things, like introducing an area rug into the room can breathe life to once a dull space.

*The bigger the area rug the better. Does your living room have a mix of traditional and modern furniture? A larger area rug better anchors together multiple pieces in the space, making them appear to be a cohesive unit.

  *Rugs act as a base, it’s the canvas for your room. An area rug serves multiple purposes. A bright vibrant color or geometric design on an area rug will serve as a focal point to any room. An area rug with a subtle design and a neutral color will act as an anchor for the room, creating a natural flow with a space that incorporates different styles of furniture pieces.

Here a few things to consider when deciding which Area Rug is right for your home:

*Size of the room.

*Color scheme of the furniture. Do you want your area rug to match, contrast, or blend with the color scheme of the furniture?

*Are you going for a more traditional or modern design?

*Do you have any fiber requirements? All natural vs. synthetic.

*What kind of space is the area rug going to live in? The living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.


Come and visit Rockridge Furniture & Design to view our large collection of rugs!

You can even borrow square sample rugs to take home before you make a purchase!

This weekend only. Save 15% on all rugs.  STEP ON IT!

Here’s a handful of our best sellers.

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American Leather Comfort Sleeper Sale Begins March 3, 2017

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Spring 2017 American Leather Comfort Sleeper SALE is finally here!

Leann Sebastian, designer at Rockridge Furniture & Design says that doing your homework first will guarantee a smooth sailing purchase process.

Here are a few tips from Leann to help YOU decide which Comfort Sleeper is right for you:

 1. KNOW THE DIMENSIONS OF THE SPACE. Have those dimensions handy when you purchase a Comfort Sleeper. You need to make sure the sleeper can open and close in the space.
2. HOW MANY GUESTS WOULD YOU LIKE TO ACCOMMODATE? Deciding on the size of the mattress, from king to cot size, depends on how many people you want to comfortably fit on it.
3. BESIDES BEING A SLEEPER, WHAT KIND OF DAILY FUNCTIONS DOES IT SERVE? Will it be in the TV room? Family room? Formal living room?
4. HAVE A BUDGET IN MIND. Pricing for the sleepers is determined by which type of mattress, what size of mattress, and which material you upholster the piece in. It’s good to have a budget in mind to narrow down the options.
5. HAVE PHOTOS OF THE SPACE HANDY. Take pictures of the space where you intend to put the sleeper. It’s good to have at least 4 pictures that give a sense of the room. This helps the designer better assist you in choosing the right color and style of your Comfort Sleeper. Is there a rug in the space? If so take a detailed picture of the rug so you can decide which color fabric or leather will compliment your space.






Five Superb Decor Ideas For Your Superbowl Party

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Hosting a Superbowl Party? Here are five simple decor ideas that will make your guests cheer, TOUCHDOWN!!!

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All drinks and appetizers will be served on the field! Turn your kitchen island or dining room table into a football field. Wrap your serving table with green felt, white duct tape for the yardlines and pre-cut numbers. Your guests will get a kick out of it!
Image Source:
Grab your mason jars, white primer, acrylic paints and paint brushes because it’s time to get crafty. Paint the mason jars to look like a referee, football and chalkboard game play. These jars are great to hold utensils, straws and make great centerpieces to add to your football field table.
Image Source:
Whats the Superbowl, without the football? Just a bunch of men tackling each other. Turn your ice chest into one big football, something Tom Brady can’t deflate. All you need is a large metal bucket, brown fabric (preferably suede or faux leather) and white duct tape. Wrap that baby up, fill it with ice and store drinks in it. You can also add a touch of color to all the green and brown decor by filling the football bucket with flowers, plenty of them!
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Everyone loves a good ol’ penalty flag, especially if it’s for the opposing team. Label a metal bucket or mason jar with Penalty Flags and fill it with yellow napkins.
Image Source:
And the crowd goes wild for FREE PRINTABLE BANNERS, LABELS AND MORE! It’s easy to find, it’s free and cuts down on craft time so you have more time for the important things, like food! Google Free Printables for Superbowl Party and you’ll find banners, signs and even labels for your bottled drinks.

5 Ways To Decorate With Outdoor Lights

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With Warmer Nights Coming Our Way…Let the Outdoor Lighting Begin!

5 simple ways to create a whimsical outdoor environment, without scaring your neighbors into thinking you’ve got the flood lights on. 

Image Source: Taste Catering
1. Create an intimate environment by using globe string lights to enclose a vast outdoor space. Make a canopy of string lights in your backyard. The lights softly illuminate the nighttime sky.
Image Source:
2. Fill mason jars with epsom salt and tea lights. Line them along your front yard or garden to improve pathways.
Image Source: Thomas J. Story
3. Why worry about fire, when you have copper wire lights? Loosely arrange battery operated string lights around a pile of wooden logs. This simple arrangement emits a romantic glow to your outdoor dinner parties.
Image Source: Thomas J. Story
4. Wrap groups of LED string lights around a thin wire wreath frame. If you use clear or white lights, your wreath will be perfect for an all year-round decor.  
Image Source: Erica Camille Photography
5. And for your last trick, drape a blanket of string lights along a hanging wire, fence or over a tree branch to create a wall of twinkling lights. Forget the claustrophobic photo booth, your guests will be dying to take photos in front of your cascading lights.