Ring in the New Year with Wallpaper

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image source: popsugar.com

Let’s ring in the New Year with WALLPAPER! It’s coming back with bold colors and beautiful patterns. If you’re a renter, like most of us, no need to worry you can still join in on the fun!

We gathered a few genius ideas on how to use wallpaper other than on your walls:

Desk or Vanity Table: Removable wallpaper is great for desks or vanities that need a pop of personality. 

image source: abeautifulmess.com







Refrigerator: Apartment kitchens are often dull and boring, but you can spice up your fridge using removable wallpaper. Whether it’s a solid burst of color or a retro pattern, your kitchen will look hip as ever. 

image source: auntpeaches.com






Dressers: Turn your plain old dresser into a fancy one! Line the interior and exterior with adhesive wallpaper. 

image source: housebeautiful.com







Bookcase: Bookcases are the perfect thing to wallpaper because they already take up a majority of wall space, so adding color and patterns is like enhancing your wall without all that messy paint. 

image source: bookcase.ciaonewportbeach.blogspot.com






Framed Wallpaper: Can’t decide what you want to cover with wallpaper? Try framing samples. Gather a few samples of wallpaper that compliment your space and frame them! It’s an easy and affordable way to add charm to your home. 

image source: mimosalaneblog.blogspot.com







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Houseguests: RFD’s Foolproof Guide to Making Your Houseguests Feel Right at Home

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The holidays are here and you’re probably expecting a few houseguests. Do you need a checklist for everything you need to do before they arrive? See below for Rockridge Furniture & Design’s Foolproof Guide to Making Your Houseguests Feel Right at Home.


Bed: The most important thing is to make sure you have a cozy, comfortable bed for your guests. If you have little space, a couch, a sleeper sofa, or futon will do! Fresh linens is a must. Don’t forget the clean towels!

image source: americanleather.com


Drawers or Closet Space: If you have a guest room, an empty chest of drawers is a nice touch so your guests don’t have to live out of their suitcases. Even some closet space is good enough. Your guests will feel more at home because they won’t be concerned about having their things in your way.

image source: int-furndirect.com


An Inviting Resting Place: Make sure you have a designated resting place for your guests. Whether it be a cozy chair in the guest room or the living room, you want to have an inviting, peaceful place where they can rest or read a book to take a break from all the sightseeing or family gatherings.

image source: americanleather.com


Good Lighting: Often you and your guests will not have the same sleep schedule, so provide good lighting if they want to stay up and read a book. A nightlight in the hallway or the guest bathroom is also convenient because you don’t want them tripping over unfamiliar surroundings in the dark.

image source: surya.com





Finishing Touches: Fresh flowers in the guest room or common room is a great way to dress up your home for your houseguests.

A bottle of Perrier or a carafe of water with a glass by their bed is a nice welcoming for your guests. It shows that you were really thinking about them while preparing for their arrival. You can also include your favorite book that they can read during their down time.

image source: niccimcshane.com


If you follow these tips, your guests will truly cherish their time in your home and you’ll feel like a wonderful host. 

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Christmas Tree Alternatives

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Tired of cleaning up fallen pine needles, but trying to stay away from buying a fake tree? We gathered a few ideas on Christmas tree alternatives that will change up your decor this holiday season.


Cork Board Tree: All you need is a framed cork board sheet, thumbtacks and ornaments. Then, arrange your ornaments into a tree-like shape and attach with thumbtacks.

image source: amp.southernliving.com







Ladder Tree: For all you DIY experts, this is the perfect tree for you! Grab a ladder and clear fishing lines. Use the ornaments to create the shape of a tree. 

image source: pinterest: christa ottersberg








Peg Board Tree: It’s simple, pretty and straight to the point. A piece of ply wood, screws and twinkling lights are all you need. 

image source: elledecor.com








Chalkboard Tree: This tree is great for classrooms or the kids’ room. If you don’t have a chalkboard, you can purchase chalkboard paint. Draw your Christmas tree with colorful chalk and using nails, hang ornaments and twinkling lights from the wall. Your ornaments will really pop! 

image source: lonny.com







Book Tree: For all book lovers, this tree is the best and least expensive alternative Christmas tree. Pile all your favorite books in the shape of a tree and wrap twinkling lights around it. Great for small apartments!

image source: upcyclethat.com








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Holiday Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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image source: thedecorista.tumblr.com

Decorating for the holidays is not a simple task, especially if you have a small space. Some give up and not decorate at all.

But don’t you worry, here are 5 simple ideas on how to bring holiday cheer to your small space:


Tiny Accessories: Small things like walnuts, cranberries, white tea light candles and pine cones are the perfect accessory to sprinkle on a tray, bar cart, or table. It’s little, but it definitely creates a festive mood.

image source: tonialbons.tumblr.com






Twinkle Lights: Hanging twinkle lights of all shapes and sizes are the perfect and easiest way to bring on the holiday cheer. Hang lights from the ceiling and around doorways, or drape them on the wall. Twinkling lights changes the ambiance, making your space feel and look cozy.

image source: buzzfeed partner






The Classic Mistletoe: A mistletoe does not take any space and all you need is a doorway and a ceiling. It’s also a pleasant surprise for your guests when they find themselves under it!

image source: seasonsofwinterberry.tumblr.com







Gold or Silver Ornaments: Sometimes you don’t even need a tree to have ornaments. You can hang gold or silver ornaments from a chandelier. Or arrange glass ornament balls in a nice decorative bowl or jar. If you have a fireplace mantel, you can even hang ornaments from the mantel using hooks.

image source: oosile.com






Tabletop Tree: If you must have a tree in your small space, try a tabletop petite tree.  They look great on a side table or in the middle of a round table. 

image source: lizmarieblog.com







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Design Tips: Decorating Your Thanksgiving Table

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Need last minute ideas on how to decorate your Thanksgiving table? It’s all about mixing and matching, creating a vibrant atmosphere for you, your family and friends.

Here are 5 simple and easy tips on how to wow your guests:


Colorful Textiles

Instead of boring white ivory, use color to give the table more personality.



image source: pinterest: style and cheek


Layered Textiles

For a more elegant look, layer your textiles. Tablecloth, table runner, placemats, chargers and cloth napkins, this will create a thick layer that feels cozy and looks fabulous.



image source: homeiswheretheboatis.net


Variety of Foliage

Create a beautiful landscape on your center table by mixing succulents with cut flowers.



image source: lonny.com


Mix Styles

Mix your crystals with your wood and incorporate antiques with a modern table setting. The eclectic style will be a wonderful surprise for your guests.



image source: instagram: amanda100lc


Bud Vases

Break up a large bouquet and place each flower stem in a separate vase. It’s not only a beautiful sight, but single-bud bouquets are great because you will be able to see the person sitting opposite of you.



image source: ruffledblog.com


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Fireplace Mantel Decorating Tips

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Tis’ the season to dust off your fireplace mantel and decorate for the holidays coming your way! Here are the Do’s and Don’ts when decorating your mantel:


*DON’T have a totally random assortment of items. Stick to a color, style, or theme. Each object should connect to each other in some way.







image source: laurelberninteriors.com


*DO use items of different shapes and sizes.








image source: instagram: homeandfabulous


*DON’T use even numbers when decorating with multiples, like candles. Always use odd numbers, 3 candles, not 2, 5 flower buds, not 4, it’s the number 1 rule in decorating.







image source: decorpad.com


*DO layer items in front of each other. Start with taller items at the back and work your way forward. The mantel is not a photograph and people won’t always be looking at it straight on.







image source: thistlewoodfarms.com


*DON’T overcrowd. A cluttered mantel is not pleasing to the eye and your beautiful pieces will get lost in the mess. If it’s easier, crowd your mantel first then edit, edit, and edit. Let your pieces breathe.



image source: atsecondstreet.blogspot.com


Adding a WOW Factor to Your Home

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A little goes a long way when it comes to sprucing up your home. Here are a few design tips to add a WOW factor to your home:


Americana Farmhouse Style: Incorporating natural wood elements, animal motifs, and fresh flowers refreshes any room.


image source: pinterest: lillian hope designs






A Lot of Neutral Colors: A neutral palette is making a comeback this season. It’s light, airy, and cozy, especially if you are layering the neutrals. Neutral does not necessarily mean white, but browns, grays, and drawing inspiration from nature will enhance any room.


image source: mydomaine.com





Metallics: Metallics turns a dull space into a glamorous and rich room. You can have metallic light fixtures, knickknacks, furniture, the possibilities are endless with gold, rose gold, bronze, and silver.


image source: pinterest: milk chocolate






Accent Walls: An accent wall with bold prints are one of the biggest trends this season and we hope it’s here to stay! From stencils of geometric prints, floral motifs, or even wallpaper, will definitely add the WOW to your home.


image source: digsdigs.com





Antique Rugs in the Kitchen: Kitchens are so modern now with the stainless steel everything that balancing modern with antique creates a pleasing impression. A vintage rug in your modern kitchen adds color and personality.


image source: pinterest: common ground







2017 Fall Decorating Trends

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Fall is here and it’s the best time for a few interior changes to reflect the season! Fall-hued colors are a thing of the past, interior designers are going crazy over muted greens and whites.

Here a few design tips to keep up with the Fall decorating trends:



*Hang lights and glass lanterns for a subtle glow.

image source: popsugar.com







*Bundle up with throw blankets and pillows. Casually arrange them on your sofa and chairs or store them in a woven basket that’s easy to reach. If you want trendy, Pinterest is going crazy over velvet pillows and mudcloth print blankets.

image source: elledecor.com







*Layer patterned rugs on the floor. Rugs add extra cushion and warmth on cold days, especially if you have hardwood floors.

image source: instagram: kismet_house








*Accent with greenery, like moss, succulents, and olive branches.  Green is a warm cozy color, that’s perfect for Fall and Winter.

image source: hgtv.com









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Dining Room Tips

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Thinking about updating your dining room? Here a few simple tips on how to give your dining room a floor to ceiling makeover!



Bring more warmth and coziness to your dining room by adding more upholstery, an area rug to anchor down the space, floor to ceiling drapes, and a fabric table cloth. You, your family, and guests can sit back and relax while enjoying a good meal.

image source: stinemos.blogspot.no





Wallpaper or Paint

If you and your guests spend most of the time in the dining room, eating, drinking, and playing card games, try painting your walls a different color than your living room to separate the spaces and add more character. Try wallpaper! Wallpaper is not a thing of the past, from floral to cool graphics, your dining room can get a makeover with this creative style.

image source: pinterest: architectureartdesigns






Decorating your walls is not the only option. A collection of eclectic seating will enhance the look and feel of your dining room. Mix and match a wooden bench with an upholstered chair, or experiment with various colors or styles. You can also update your dining seats with slipcovers. Slipcovers come in different colors and patterns. Monograms are also welcome!

image source: pinterest: decoholic





Dining room lighting can either make or break your dining experience. A great ceiling light definitely adds charm and can be the main focal point in your dining room. Try an industrial look or a modern chandelier! Adding dimmers lets you control the ambiance to fit any occasion.

image source: instagram: classicnestinteriors





Natural Elements

Flowers, house plants, succulents, natural woods, will bring more life into your dining room. A pot of succulents is a great centerpiece because they’re low maintenance and perfect for all occasions.

image source: smileandwave.typepad.com










Fall is Here! Tips on How to Cozy Up Your Space.

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Fall is finally here! Is your home Autumn ready? Here’s a few tips on how to cozy up for this season:


DARKER PALETTES: Traditional Fall colors, like oranges, browns, and plums brings the outdoors in. Darker colors create a serene almost cave-like environment.  Adding darker pallets to your home doesn’t necessarily mean you need a bucket of paint, but using accents like pillows, rugs, wall art, table cloths, etc. can go a long way for your space.

image source: housetohome.co.uk



TEXTURE: Nothing is more comforting than being surrounded by throw blankets, pillows and a soft fuzzy rug to warm your toes from the Fall damp breeze. From faux-fur throws blankets, to throw pillows of all patterns and sizes, Fall is the season to layer up the textures. Don’t limit yourself to just the living room, your bedroom also deserves a throw blanket or two.

image source: de.pinterest.com




LIGHTING: With shorter days and longer nights, it’s best to brighten up your living spaces. Using low lit lamps, creates a romantic ambiance. Lamps illuminates your home without the glare that you usually get from an overhead light fixture.

image source: housebeautiful.com





PREP THE BAR: Whether your bar consists of whiskey, teas or hot chocolate, prep your bar so it’s ready for you and your guests. Dust off the whiskey glasses, organize tea bags in a mason jar, and display hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows in vintage milk bottles, your bar is ready for the Fall!

image source: thekitchn.com






WREATH: Hanging a wreath on your door is like the icing on the cake. It wraps up your home into a nice little bow.

image source: pinterest.etsy.com







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